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Good on Display: Six Positive Facts About Our World Today

Updated: Feb 26

Don't believe the hype if the hype is always negative! It's a great rule to live by if you're pursuing a more positive way of being. Finding bad news on the Internet to be upset about is easy. Deciding to keep looking to find the good that's hidden in plain sight in the world is the hard part. That's why we're highlighting positive facts that put the world into perspective. These happy statistics, facts and tidbits from around the planet will inspire you to let your own flame make the world a little brighter!

Six Positive Facts About Our World Today

1. Millions of People Are Rescuing and Adopting Animals

I know it can break our hearts to think about all of the animals waiting in shelters. However, the happy flip side of that coin is that millions of dogs and cats get their fairytale endings every year! According to the ASPCA, 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted annually. What's even more exciting is that this number actually puts an end to the dog-versus-cat debate. That's because dogs and cats are adopted at equal rates. It's an even split of 1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats brought home from shelters by families every single year!

Always consider adoption when looking to bring a new pet into your home. Visit your local humane society or visit petfinder for a list of animals from all over the US looking for a furever home.

2. Breast Cancer Rates Have Dropped Drastically

Breast cancer is something that continues to touch the lives of far too many women and families. However, we are actually on a positive trajectory with this horrible illness. During the period spanning from 1989 to 2017, breast cancer deaths dropped by 40 percent! That figure accounts for more than 375,900 women who overcame breast cancer thanks to advancements in treatment and early detection. The even brighter news is that deaths from breast cancer continue to trend downward. However, there's still much more work to be done as the medical world presses on toward a cure!

3. The Ozone Hole Is the Smallest It's Been Since We Discovered It

Yes, those doom-and-gloom scenarios play so easily in all of our heads when we look at what's happening with the planet. However, it looks like there's some good news as far as the ozone hole is concerned. According to NASA, the ozone hole hit its smallest size on record since being discovered back in 1982. The hole has been hitting new "lowest" records for several years in a row. While weather patterns may be partly to credit for the shrinkage, this is a case of simply deciding to take good news where you can get it!

Cows choose best friends

4. Cows Choose Best Friends

Here's some friendship news from the animal world that will make you smile. Yes, Bessie has a best friend! Researchers at the University of Northampton found that cows actually have human-like friendships. According to the researchers, clear patterns of preferential relationships could be found when observing groups of cattle. In fact, close to half of all cows observed preferred to hang out with one specific "best friend." When they're with their friends, cows are actually less stressed. Can you relate? Researchers found that cows showed calmer heart rates and reduced agitation when they were observed spending time with their bovine "besties."

5. Child Labor Rates Are Dropping

For most of us, the fact that children worldwide are forced into labor is a stain on humanity. However, the only thing even remotely resembling a silver lining is that child labor rates are on the decline. Child labor has dropped by 38 percent since 2000. It adds up to 100 million children around the world getting to enjoy childhoods without the unfortunate and troubling consequences that arise when youngsters are forced into labor. Of course, we all have work to do to stop the practice of child labor for every last child on the planet.

6. Dolphins Answer to Names

Researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland discovered that dolphins answer to their own names when called by other dolphins! A dolphin's "name" is actually a unique whistle sound that a particular dolphin uses. When other dolphins want to get the attention of a particular dolphin, they recreate that unique whistle sound. Researchers studying bottlenose dolphins could get specific dolphins to respond to their own names by recording and playing back whistles. It's basically like giving your friends a shout back when they call your name!

Your Mission: Unleash Positivity

No, choosing to focus on the positive news out there in the world doesn't mean sticking your head in the sand. However, we all need to cling to the positive to recharge and gain inspiration for becoming the positive change we wish to see. If you're feeling just 1 percent happier after reading these positive facts, pledge to do your part to make the world even just 1 percent better today!