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At Brand of Positivity, we know that being positive isn't just about wishful thinking or "good vibes." We believe that each of us needs to "do the work" to become forces of positivity. We are committed to spreading positivity by providing inspiration and education to help anyone who wants to become a “Force of Positivity.”
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The Brand of Positivity Challenge

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” We couldn’t agree more! That is why, at Brand of Positivity, we invite all readers to take part in our Be the Change Challenge.

Our challenge offers the antidote to the do as I say, not as I do mentality that is far too prevalent today. We challenge you to live by example instead! As part of the Brand of Positivity Challenge, pick one area of the world that you'd like to see improve. You don’t have to make huge sweeping changes to make a difference. Small changes add up. Here's a list of suggestions that many of our followers are passionate about:

We know that every small step you take can create some huge ripples! Let's go!

Stop using plastic bottles.
Reduce technology consumption 
Volunteer more for causes you care about
Foster an animal from your local shelter
Be mindful of your interactions with others
Be the chnage you want to see in the world

Charity Highlight

Beach Relief

Doing What We Can, One Beach At A Time. 

Since 2018, Beach Relief has participated in over 550 beach clean-ups, pick up over 4500 plastic water bottles and caps, over 12,000 pieces of microplastic, and thousands of other various pieces of marine debris.  Every day there is more to clean up, and we need your help!

Do What You Can. Every little thing you do DOES make a difference.

Your support and contributions will enable Beach Relief to continue to educate and cleaning our beaches and waters.

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